Thanks for clicking into this little part of the interwebs! Penny Sue Projects is my own little passion project and I'm so happy to share it. My name is Erin, I currently live in the PNW, though I am and always will be a California girl. I just love that sunshine! I share my home with my husband, daughter and two dogs. We live in the city, so not a huge plot of land to work with but I've been creative with our space and I now grow hundreds of flowers, mostly in raised beds and containers.

When we bought our house, I was lucky enough to inherit a yard of roses, hydrangeas, and peonies. Abby, the former owner clearly loved her garden. The discoveries of new plants each years has led to a shared love of gardening, which I am so grateful for. I like to think Abby is watching and happy that her yard is cared for, even if I did screw up a lot in the beginning.

For years I have filled my yard with veggies and pots of colorful flowers. Recently I decided to give up the veggies. They don't bring me joy in the same way the flowers do. There is something so beautiful about walking into the garden each morning to see what has grown and bloomed. With this new focus I decided I wanted to share that joy with others. I now plant lots and lots of dahlias, zinnias, roses, hydrangea, peonies and many other variates. My goal is to make little posy bouquets to share with the world. I won't impact a large population, but if my neighbors have a little bit of beauty on their kitchen counter, grown with love in my yard, I've done a little good. My secondary goal is to provide lots and lots of options for pollinators. So in addition to the cut flowers I grow I also have a lot of salvia, poppies, milkweed, and other pollinator friendly plants.

As we get further into the growing season I hope to have a spot at my little library to offer these posies on a first come first serve basis. Just my way of putting a little love and beauty out there.

I'm not an expert gardener and I will certainly get some things wrong as I go along, but I'm happy to learn more so I can keep growing more and more flowers. You can follow along on Instagram if you are so inclined, that way I can share the flowers all over, not just my little postage stamp in the city.

Why Penny Sue?

When I was about three I decided my name would be Penny Sue, not Erin. I was so sure of myself and my place in the world I just changed my name. I want to be more like Penny Sue. I want to do better at doing things that make me happy and give me joy. So these will be Penny Sue's projects, with a dash of adult Erin, because Penny Sue could not use power tools and I hope to do that from time to time.